Stoughton Grange Farm Park
You can see a variety of farm animals at the Farm Park, which has an idyllic setting. It’s great fun to visit all the animals, from pigs to goats to ponies and sheep! Also, make sure you stop by cuddle corner to meet the rabbits and guinea pigs! Besides the woodland picnic area, you’ll find a wonderful play area with swings, slides, a sand pit, and more. A pedal tractor track lets the little ones unleash their inner farmer. Additionally, children are welcome to enjoy a barrel ride around the farm or explore the straw maze. You can also explore the extensive land around the farm including lakeside walks and the Dam’s Spinney, where you will find a wide variety of wildlife.
Petite Street Play Village
Petite Street Play Village is a dedicated indoor children’s role play and party venue boasting its very own miniature high street where children can step into immersive role play on a street where imagination is the limit!

Important Notice | On-site Walks

The woodland, Dam’s spinney and lakeside walks are currently closed to the public for maintenance and will reopen in Spring. We apologise for any inconvenience but the site has not been effectively managed for the last few decades and we are in the process of making our way through the woodland removing dead, damaged and invasive trees and generally bringing the area back into a safe, manageable situation. Whilst this process is underway, our insurers have correctly deemed the site dangerous and we cannot permit anybody to enter. We hope you understand that this is for the good of the woodland and, subject to proper management, will ensure that the site thrives once more.