The Hair Den

The Hair Den is a brand new hair salon, designed to make your hair experience a memorable one.
You know you’re in good hands with 4 of Leicester’s top hairstylists with over 25 years of salon experience.

You will be guaranteed 5-star customer service and a very friendly welcome.

Phone:  01164 296 836

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Important Notice | On-site Walks

The woodland, Dam’s spinney and lakeside walks are currently closed to the public for maintenance and will reopen in Spring. We apologise for any inconvenience but the site has not been effectively managed for the last few decades and we are in the process of making our way through the woodland removing dead, damaged and invasive trees and generally bringing the area back into a safe, manageable situation. Whilst this process is underway, our insurers have correctly deemed the site dangerous and we cannot permit anybody to enter. We hope you understand that this is for the good of the woodland and, subject to proper management, will ensure that the site thrives once more.