The Hear Clinic

The Hear Clinic is independently and privately owned by Mr Neel Raithatha. Coming from a clinical research background, Mr Raithatha keeps up to date with the latest digital hearing aid technology research and regularly attends conferences to further expand and develop his evidence-based knowledge. In addition, he actively perform consultancy work for several leading hearing aid manufacturers offering clinical, technical and software advice to help with the development of the next generation of hearing aid technology

Equally as important to Mr Raithatha is the level of care he provides to his clients. He sets himself the very highest standards and takes pride in adopting a holistic approach to ensure the individual needs of his clients are always at the forefront of the care pathway. In recognition of this, Mr Raithatha was awarded a ‘special care award’ whilst practicing within the NHS

It is our mission to deliver high quality professional hearing care and help people experiencing hearing difficulties regain the ability and confidence to interact with their surroundings and loved ones. We do this by adopting a holistic approach and utilising the most advanced clinical skills and state-of-the-art equipment available. As an independent practice we also take great pride in offering the very latest hearing aid technology from all the leading manufacturers.

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Important Notice | On-site Walks

The woodland, Dam’s spinney and lakeside walks are currently closed to the public for maintenance and will reopen in Spring. We apologise for any inconvenience but the site has not been effectively managed for the last few decades and we are in the process of making our way through the woodland removing dead, damaged and invasive trees and generally bringing the area back into a safe, manageable situation. Whilst this process is underway, our insurers have correctly deemed the site dangerous and we cannot permit anybody to enter. We hope you understand that this is for the good of the woodland and, subject to proper management, will ensure that the site thrives once more.